Forge the Future With K12

Pilot, lawyer, bakery owner, social worker — K12 graduates drive impact across industries and around the world. Whatever your child chooses to pursue, they’ll forge ahead with K12-powered online school.

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Charting the Course for Graduate Success

Prepare your student for a bright future with personalized career exploration, one-on-one counseling, and credit-bearing college courses offered by K12.


Spark Interest in New Careers

Computer science? Healthcare? Whatever field sparks your child’s interest, K12 can give them a head start — introducing them to new industry paths and building essential professional skills.

Online Learning. Real-world Results.

A recent study found that K12 graduates are more prepared for the workforce than peers who received traditional education. K12 graduates also report better social and soft skills — which prepare them for anything life has in store.

College Preparedness: Higher Ed Awaits

“It’s been a lot easier for me to get my work done. I feel less restricted in what I can do. I feel more calm.”
— Josh, 8th Grade

Master the clock

K12 graduates feel more prepared to manage large project workloads in college, since they already learned how to pace themselves and find balance in online school.

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Ace college finals

K12 graduates feel more confident taking exams that cover all course material and writing long essays, giving them a potential advantage in college courses.

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Make the world a classroom

After Josh’s solar panel project won first place in its category, an Environmental Protection Agency employee heard about it and reached out, creating a connection that gave Josh the chance to learn more about environmental science.

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Foster independent exploration

K12 graduates practice independent learning throughout the school day. With less teacher oversight, they’re already accustomed to the typical college learning environment.

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Career Readiness: Demystify the Working World

“If you’re interested in business, they’ve got the business pathway. If you’re interested in technology or video, they’ve got that pathway. There are a lot of options, and you’re not pigeonholed into just English or math or science.”
— Lynda, Geoffrey’s mom

Provide A+ guidance

K12 graduates feel more favorably about teachers and administrators guiding them toward a career, providing good professional advice, and helping them set ambitious career goals.

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Get ready for workforce wins

Compared to traditional graduates, K12 graduates are much more likely to report that they’re excelling at their current job, indicating greater self-confidence and skills competence.

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Reveal endless possibilities

Career exploration courses introduce students to potential fields early on. In middle school, Geoffrey developed a passion for architecture after designing an accessible playground in career explorations class.

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Feel good about the future

74% of K12 graduates feel optimistic about their career direction, while only 56% of graduates from traditional schools feel the same way. They’re also more likely to report working in their dream job after graduation.

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Life Skills: Give Confidence to Tackle Any Challenge

Encourage hard work

71% of K12 graduates agree that school instilled a strong work ethic in them, while only 59% of traditional graduates feel similarly. According to one student, K12 “makes you learn how to be a self-motivated individual.”

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Teach kids to self-advocate

K12 graduates felt more empowered to speak up when they needed clarification or help from teachers — essential skills for navigating the workforce, college, and life.

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Big problem ahead? No problem 

K12 graduates feel significantly more prepared to think analytically and solve complex problems than their peers from traditional schools.

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Small steps, huge achievements 

K12 graduates believe their high schools are more successful at fostering soft skills — like how to manage time, lead others, and set goals — than students from traditional schools. 

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Social Proficiency: Connection and Communication

“My teachers made me feel important; out of hundreds of teenagers, many classes, and their personal lives, they made every effort to make one teenage girl come out of her bubble and have confidence again.”
— Ashlynn, 12th Grade

Give your child a team

68% of K12 parents say their children play sports with other children at least two to three times per week.

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Empower students to lead

K12 graduates are more in agreement that high school helped them practice leadership and interpersonal skills than graduates of traditional schools.

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Choose calm and safety 

After Ashlynn experienced bullying in traditional school, support from K12 teachers and socialization opportunities helped her regain her confidence and make friends.

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Foster communication skills

K12 students give themselves higher social skill evaluations than their peers in traditional schools. They also receive higher evaluations by parents, indicating that graduates of online schools start college with superior communication abilities.

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Challenge. Grow. Flourish.

Students blossom at K12-powered online schools. Online school challenges each student when appropriate while offering plenty of support, giving them the skills and confidence to approach any challenge in life.

Ready to Ace Life

Quality education has an overwhelmingly positive impact on students and their futures. Research shows that K12 graduates are more prepared to navigate their careers than traditional public school students.

78% believe they are excelling at their current job

Stride K12-Powered Students


Brick-and-Mortar Schools


74% feel optimistic about their career direction

Stride K12-Powered Students


Brick-and-Mortar Schools


71% say their school taught them the importance of a strong work ethic

Stride K12-Powered Students


Brick-and-Mortar Schools


Success Stories

By pursuing their unique interests and practicing independence with a K12 education, these students were ready to achieve their goals after graduation.

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K12 Graduate

“Online learning is different. I had my own schedule, the teachers were more helpful, the academics were better — I just enjoyed it more than a brick-and-mortar school.” 

K12 taught Janel how to be independent and set her on the path to become the first college attendee in her family.

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K12 Graduate

“My assignments on weather gave me knowledge that has still stuck with me today. I’ll take it with me as I get my aeronautical science degree and will use it in flight training.” 

Online school gave Michayla the chance to take electives that interested her so she could take to the skies as a pilot.

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K12 Graduate

After learning to use video editing software in K12-powered school, Austin received multiple job offers in college.


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