Gamified, Adaptive Learning

Stride Skills Arcade is an award-winning learning solution that automatically adapts to your child’s skill level and helps them grow at their own pace. Students answer practice questions and play fun games as a reward for the skills they’ve developed.


Improve Your Child’s Skills

Stride Skills Arcade’s adaptive technology automatically fine-tunes custom practice sessions to your child’s needs, whether they’re at an advanced level or needing some help catching up.

Earn Rewards for Learning

When students answer practice questions in Stride Skills Arcade, they’re rewarded with coins that can be used to play exciting games. With plenty of options to choose from—including classic arcade games, puzzles, and more—your child will want to work hard so they can play hard.


Track Your Child’s Progress

Stride Skills Arcade’s dashboards let you check your child’s learning and mastery of skills at a glance. You can also set up weekly email updates so you’re always aware of your child’s progress.

How K12 Uses Stride Skills Arcade

Many K12-powered schools integrate Stride Skills Arcade into their curriculum. Teachers can assign custom content for students to complete, and students compete with others in their class to earn badges and high scores.

Choose Your Free Demo*


*Free demo is available for one month with no auto-renew or credit card information required. You may purchase a full subscription at the end of your trial period to continue using Stride Skills Arcade.
Stride Skills Arcade is best experienced on personal computers or medium-to-large tablet devices.
Stride Skills Arcade can be purchased for $9.95/month for a single student, or for $14.95 for up to four students.