Who Knew School Could Be So Fun!

Discover K12’s personalized learning and College and Career Prep solutions

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Unleash Your Superpowers

The right online learning solution can help you fly to new heights. With K12, every day is a new adventure. Discover the magic of learning from the comfort of your own home.


Online Elementary School

Traditional public school isn’t for everyone, and maybe you’re ready for a change. K12-powered online school can help you become your very best. Build your knowledge, sharpen your talents, make new friends — and have fun along the way!


Personalized Learning Is Way More Fun

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some students learn better in group settings. Others benefit from independent work. Some learn best by playing games. Others learn through stories. No matter your learning style, K12 has the resources to help you thrive.

What’s Your Learning Style?

Maybe you absorb information better with graphs and pictures. Or you understand concepts better during lively discussions with your peers. Everyone has a unique learning style, and understanding yours can help you excel. 

Answer a few questions to discover your Learning Style.


Study With Strider the Fox

As your trusty learning companion, Strider offers resources to make learning an engaging experience. Get into the study zone with some of Strider’s favorite instrumental playlists!

Youtube Video

Strider’s Spooky Autumn Playlist

Sit with Count Strider as you complete your schoolwork. It’s a treat for your ears.

Youtube Video

Strider’s Nighttime Playlist

Calling all night owls — here’s a chill playlist to help you unwind during your evening study routine.

Youtube Video

Strider’s Winter Break Playlist

Time to cozy up beside the fireplace! Join Strider in listening to some holiday beats as you work on your assignments.

Stay Organized With Strider’s Planners

Strider and K12 are here to support your learning journey. Check out our monthly or daily planner to track your tasks and never miss an assignment.

Daily Planner

Strider’s Daily Planner maps out your day from start to finish. Write your everyday schedule, track your time, reflect on personal goals, and repeat to stay on top of your academic game.

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Monthly Planner

Our Monthly Planner lets you look ahead and see everything that’s happening each month, all in one place. Preparing for your school assignments just got way easier!

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Color With Strider

Need a brain break? Take your mind off your busy school day and start coloring! Download our free Strider-themed pages to ignite your creativity.

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Strider in Spring

Bring a splash of color to an exciting season as flowers bloom, birds sing, and new beginnings await.

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Strider in Winter

Make a frosty field into a winter wonderland and spread some holiday cheer!

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Strider at Work

Strider’s hard at work — brighten up his workspace with a colorful touch of your imagination.

Kickstart Your Way to College and Career

High school is an exciting time of career exploration and skill development. K12-powered online school equips you with the skills needed to thrive in the real world — and helps you plan for a bright and exciting career.


Online High School

Traditional school isn’t always for everyone. Discover online learning environments with a personalized approach — where you can achieve academic excellence, build impactful friendships, and pursue your greatest passions, all at your own pace.


The Only Way to Learn is Your Way

There are multiple paths towards a fulfilling career — K12 can help you find yours. Choose from a wide range of school and course options to help you find the right fit.

All the Resources You Need

Charting your own career path can be daunting — but it doesn’t have to be! K12 offers educational resources and tools to help you accomplish your goals, from academic support to career advice and guidance.

Find Your Career Coach

Our career coaches help high schoolers build their confidence and prepare for the future. Gain real-world skills through job search training, interviewing, resume building, and more to confidently navigate your career.

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Find a Certified Tutor

Get personalized academic assistance and achieve positive learning outcomes! Our state-certified tutors are here to support you through every step of your educational journey.

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Chart Your Way to a Dream Career

You don’t need to have everything figured out today to be successful tomorrow. But identifying your strengths is a great place to start. Our Career Quiz can help you uncover new interests.


Take a Selfie with Strider

Have some filter fun and take a selfie with Strider the Fox! Scan the QR codes below and capture your best learning moments. Don’t forget to share your pictures using #K12learn and #LearnWithStrider!

Strider Background

Whether you want to join Strider in space or a wintry wonderland, our learning companion is always ready to strike a pose.

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Strider Background

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My Strider

Let Strider join your study session via augmented reality and watch the fox liven up your workspace.

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My Strider

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I’m ready to find a tutor

Our K12-powered tutoring services connect you with qualified tutors who tailor their lessons to your unique academic needs. Get started today!