Meet Peter

As a bright elementary school student, Peter loves the challenge of extra assignments. Dedicated, state-certified teachers support him as he works ahead to reach his true potential—while enjoying plenty of free time to be a kid.

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Why This Family Chose K12

Mom and Learning Coach Samantha wants to provide Peter with the best education possible. With a K12-powered school, she and her husband have found a positive and inclusive learning environment that surpasses their own traditional school experiences.

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Find your cultural fit

Peter’s parents want to protect their son from the discrimination and bullying they experienced in traditional schools. School online allows Peter to focus on learning in a safe environment.

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Progress with a personalized pace

Peter’s teachers prepare an endless stream of engaging materials that keep him motivated. As an advanced learner, he works at his own quick pace and explores his interests more deeply.

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Elevate learning through extracurricular exploration

No two days are exactly alike. Maybe Peter’s family will visit a comic book store, research ocean animals, or hike the local wetlands to see what he’s learning about in action.

A Day in the Life of Peter

With K12-powered online school, Peter’s family has the flexibility to make every day a unique and enriching learning experience.


Build Organization Skills and Show Up Prepared

Peter’s elementary education includes a blend of scheduled, live classes and independent assignments. With textbooks and course materials delivered to his doorstep, Peter works at his own pace — offline, as well as in the interactive online portal.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Children become impassioned lifelong learners when they’re given the opportunity to discover their strengths, explore their interests, and see how their studies apply to the world around them. Built-in flexibility invites family bonding time, outdoor exploration, and memorable moments.


Further Your Education Through Field Trips

Live classes, lessons, textbooks, and real-life adventures align to nurture curiosity in and outside the classroom. For example, Peter’s interest in ecosystems takes his family to the local wetland to catch tadpoles and watch beavers building their dams. Peter’s teachers encourage him to put together poster presentations to share his observations with classmates, socialize, and develop self-confidence.


Discover Cool Clubs and Cultivate Close Friendships

The online learning system engages students, encourages collaboration, and promotes asking questions. Outside the classroom, students can join  clubs to further their knowledge and interests while having fun with friends. For example, Peter participates in science club, music club, and a coloring club that keeps him busy during the summer months.

Learn More About Extracurriculars


Spend More Family Time and Ensure a Happy Childhood

Between studies, Peter meets up with pals from online school to play air hockey and arcade games, race toy cars, and practice taekwondo. Peter especially loves comics and browsing the latest superhero stories at the store with his friends and father. Samantha appreciates that online school gives Peter the flexibility and freedom to be a happy and well-rounded kid.

A Day in the Life of Samantha

When Peter started online learning in kindergarten, mom and Learning Coach Samantha spent more time by his side working through the lessons. Now that he’s working independently, she answers questions and encourages him to explore subjects of interest in greater depth. and platform. Fortunately, we can help you with both.


Spend 4 to 6 Hours as a Coach and Mentor

Peter is a particularly independent student. Each morning, he turns on his computer and goes through most of his lessons on his own. His mom is nearby to help if he has any questions. Most elementary school Learning Coaches can expect to provide four to six hours of guidance and encouragement each day.


Soar Higher With Copilots Who Care

Peter’s teachers have all the tools, training, and tech support they need to provide students with inspiring instruction and personalized attention. Samantha says the teachers’ dedication really shows — and that Peter loves all his educators, especially his math teacher.


Study Independently in the Hours That Work for You

Peter starts his day with a live Language Arts class led by his state-certified teacher. For the rest of the day, he moves through vocabulary, handwriting, science, social studies, and math assignments on his own. If he’s stuck, mom and Learning Coach Samantha is there to help — and Peter can always ask teachers questions via live class, email, or weekly office hours.


Study Independently in the Hours That Work for You

Peter starts his day with a live Language Arts class led by his state-certified teacher. For the rest of the day, he moves through vocabulary, handwriting, science, social studies, and math assignments on his own. If he’s stuck, mom and Learning Coach Samantha is there to help — and Peter can always ask teachers questions via live class, email, or weekly office hours.


Gain Exposure to a Variety of Subjects and Learning Methods

Peter learns all the core subjects taught in traditional school. The number of classes elementary age students take varies by grade level and individual. Second-grade students like Peter take four to six subjects each semester, with two to four of those requiring scheduled, live classes.


Pace Yourself and Exceed Every Expectation

Fast-paced Peter moves quickly through his personalized learning program and takes advanced courses at his true academic level. He’s excited to learn and easily recalls new concepts from the interactive curriculum. His online instructors encourage his insatiable curiosity and self-motivation by continuously challenging him with new topics

Family Q&A

Mom and Learning Coach Samantha is confident in her choice to embrace online education. Peter is self-motivated and loves learning, while Samantha values the time they get to spend together.

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Why did you choose online school?

We wanted to give Peter the opportunity to have a different experience than we did with school. We faced bullying and struggled with motivation having to work at everyone else’s pace. We didn’t want to hold back Peter’s potential. He needed to work faster and have space to research concepts that excite him.

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How has online school benefited your family?

We like that Peter has more flexibility to set his schedule and pace. There are still set class times and due dates, but there is more space for him to fill that time in whatever way works best. That could be finishing lessons early and going to a museum to learn more about the topic. We can really base a lo…

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How do the teachers support you?

The teachers are state-certified, plus they receive special training for online instruction, and it shows. Peter loves his teachers, especially in math. They lead fun activities and have the kids work in groups as well as independently. Peter likes sometimes working on his own and other times with peers.

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What’s it like doing school at home? How do you navigate being a Learning Coach while working?

Doing online school keeps our life interesting! We’re encouraged to follow Peter’s curiosity, and that’s great because we get to experience new things together. Working while being a Learning Coach balances well for us since I work from home. I’m right there if he has questions, but he’s pretty independent.

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Was there anything that surprised you about online school?

Honestly, how easy it is. School for me was hard, but not for Peter. It’s great to be able to help him learn more about whatever he’s interested in alongside the standard curriculum. I was also surprised that our parents were okay with the decision. They’re pretty set in their ways traditionally and cultural…

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Learning With K12

From kindergarten to high school, K12 provides tuition-free online education that empowers students to learn in ways that work for them. Browse options in your state to find the perfect fit for your family.

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