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High school is a big step. K12-powered ninth grade programs prioritize your teen and their future through a flexible learning environment and personalized curriculum that meets their unique needs. 

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How does online Ninth Grade work?


Opportunity Meets Flexibility

Whether your student is interested in solving complex equations or exploring the world of marketing, there’s no shortage of K12-powered courses to ignite their love for learning.

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Beautiful works of literature and nonfiction await ninth graders in English class. In addition to analyzing texts, students hone their writing skills, deliver presentations, and discuss lessons with peers.

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Depending on their level, students spend ninth grade mastering foundational math skills, learning pre-algebra or algebra, or exploring 2D shapes, segments, and angles in geometry.

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Ninth graders can discover the human cell in biology, dive into the ocean’s depths in earth science, or learn the nuances of natural resource management in environmental science.

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Whether your student wants to study ancient civilizations or explore mountain ranges across the globe, K12 offers a history course that aligns with their interests.

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World Languages

Students can enhance their Spanish speaking, reading, and writing skills or learn to converse in American Sign Language in a K12-powered world language class.

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With K12, traditional electives like art history and music meet career-readiness courses like veterinary science and applied engineering so your student can pursue any interest.

A Day in the Life


John needs a safe environment where he can focus on his schoolwork without distraction. He takes advanced business and marketing courses and dreams of owning an auto detail shop.


The Future is Bright

With the K12 Graduation Guarantee, all eligible students enrolled in K12-powered public schools graduate with a high school diploma — or we pay for their education until they do.

Additional Offerings for Ninth Graders

Does your teen need an extra challenge — or a bit of help? Meet their needs with K12’s additional offerings for ninth grade students.

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Career and college prep

It’s never too early to plan for the future. Ninth grade students can explore countless career paths through career-readiness electives and work with counselors to get a jump start on the college application process.

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Advanced Placement® and honors

Advanced learners go the extra mile with AP® and honors courses. Offered for virtually every subject, advanced courses allow students to challenge themselves and earn college credit.

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One-on-one tutoring

Sometimes a bit of extra help is all your student needs to make a tricky concept click. As state-certified teachers, K12 tutors deliver personalized, one-on-one support in a range of subjects.

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