Safety for Students. Peace of Mind for Parents

Your child deserves to feel safe at school. And when students feel safe from violence, bullying harassment, and the influence of substance use, they’re better able to focus on learning — giving parents welcome peace of mind.

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At K12, Every Student Belongs

Every student needs space to learn, grow, and achieve their goals. At K12, we’re committed to creating emotionally- and physically-safe learning environments where your child feels seen, heard, and supported every single day.

Empower Bright Minds in Secure Settings

What happens when you take bullying, peer pressure, and violence out of the equation? A worry-free school experience that gives students room to socialize and study.

Respect for Learning

State-certified teachers help your student build confidence to navigate the world, while fostering a culture of respect. Interactive lessons and ongoing teacher support help spark their love for learning.

Pave a Promising Path Forward

A firm academic foundation. Important social and life skills. Coursework built for diverse learning. Explore K12’s vast extracurricular sports, clubs, activities, and career opportunities with your child. A world of limitless possibility awaits.

Overcome Learning Disruption

While most students fell behind in math and reading during the COVID-19 pandemic, NWEA’s MAP Growth Study reveals that K12 students soared high. It’s just one of the reasons parents find K12 more effective than other online school options.

Here’s another:


94% of K12’s K-8 parents were satisfied with their teachers, compared to 81% of traditional school parents.


91% of parents expressed overall satisfaction with K12 online schools, while 86% of parents were satisfied with their children’s traditional education.


91% of parents are likely to recommend K12 to others.

Find a Safe Space to Thrive

The safer students feel in school, the better they perform. Your child deserves to thrive in an emotionally and physically secure environment — so they can tap into their joy for learning.

In Their Own Words


9th Grade

“I can pick courses at or even above my level to really push myself. Plus, there’s no drama, no fights, no peer pressure, or bullying.”


7th Grade

“I’d get behind pretty easily, and the other students would pick on me. In online school, though, it’s more flexible. I can go to my appointments, watch any classes I missed later in the day, and still do my assignments on time throughout the week. And since I’m not behind, I’m not bullied anymore either.”


Read Their Stories

Discover first-hand how students and families who choose K12 overcome challenges and thrive in a safe, supportive learning environment.

A Day in the Life

Meet Gabriela and John

Jessica wanted an option where her teens, Gabriele and John could focus on their schoolwork and where she wouldn’t be worried about their safety at the same time.

Keeping Kids Safe at School

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What can we do to ensure all children feel safe at school?

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How can we support students’ emotional and mental wellness?

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How can we keep kids safe online?

How Do I Get Started?

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