Learning for Each Student

Every learner has unique talents, needs, and interests — including those they’ve yet to discover. At a K12-powered online school, children have the flexibility and personalized learning they need to help them thrive.

Learning Your Way

Imagine a learning experience that puts your child first. How much more could they discover about themselves? Who might they become?

Here you can unlock endless possibilities, one lesson at a time, and build a flexible and adaptable schedule that provides:

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Learn at their own pace

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Move around and take breaks

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Pursue outside interests

Part of a vibrant online school community, personalized learning helps keeps students connected and motivated with:

  • An individualized learning plan
  • Engaging online curricula
  • Many course offerings
  • Hands-on, interactive materials
  • Expert instruction from state-certified teachers
  • Ongoing academic support

Support for Every Student

A personalized approach helps students at K12-powered schools make the most of their potential through engaging, rigorous curriculum, caring teachers, flexible learning options, and a supportive community.

Meet Diverse Needs and Schedules

  • Virtual Academies

    Students experience the power of a robust K12 curriculum, state-certified teachers, flexible schedules, online clubs, and opportunities to socialize. Tuition-free programs are available nationwide.

  • Insight Schools

    Students receive targeted academic, social, and emotional support to help them overcome obstacles for a successful future. Tuition-free program.

  • Blended Schools

    Students find flexibility in an engaging learning experience that combines online instruction from home and at an onsite location with in-person support from teachers. Tuition-free programs.

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  • Prepare for the future

    Career Prep

    High school students explore engaging academic courses and electives that introduce in-demand careers. Tuition-free program.

  • K12 Private Academy

    Students receive a well-rounded online education with a rigorous curriculum, teacher support, college counselors, and scholarship opportunities. Tuition-based programs and schools.

  • George Washington University Online High School

    Students can engage with an exceptional online college prep education. Tuition-based program offering in partnership with the renowned university.

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Hit a Homeschooling Home Run

Want to develop your own personalized learning program for your pre-K to 12th grade student? Need to add to your homeschool curriculum? Find individual online core courses, world languages, high school electives, or supplementary programs available for purchase. Fee-based offerings.

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Find Consistency as a Military Family

Military families turn to K12-powered online public or private school for the consistency, accessibility, and support they need to thrive. Families also enjoy a military discount on tuition. Tuition-free and tuition-based programs available.

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Introduce the Wide World of STEM

Interdisciplinary STEM curriculum. Students experience interactive exercises, labs, and projects grounded in real-life applications. With multiple STEM-related clubs and extracurricular activities, students have plenty of opportunities to explore their interests. Tuition-free and tuition-based programs available.

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Empower your learner

Your child’s new learning journey is only a click away.