K12 Success Stories

Succeed with online learning through K12-powered schools.

Over 2 million students have chosen online learning through a K12-powered school. Families choose online learning for a variety of reasons. With K12-powered schools, students benefit from:

  • State-certified teachers who use a tailored approach that works for diverse learners
  • Social opportunities for students through clubs and other extracurriculars*
  • A dynamic curriculum that offers a range of courses in core subjects, electives, and career-focused options
  • The chance for parents to be involved in their student’s education journey as the Learning Coach

Alternative Homeschool Success Stories

K12 Success Stories image 3 (name 5 questions josh i can learn at my own pace)

“I have a lot more free time.”

K12 Success Stories image 4 (name 5 questions red better focus)

“Better focus”

K12 Success Stories image 5 (name 5 questions alisha i can learn at my own pace)

“I can learn at my own pace”

Alternative Homeschool Reviews from Parents

K12 Success Stories image 6 (name campbell and carrie parent review)

“This school lets him fly”

K12 Success Stories image 7 (name birelle and jennifer parent reviews)

“She’s learning faster, better”

K12 Success Stories image 8 (name josiah robert parent reviews)

“The curriculum is great”

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