K12: Serving Up the Best Online Education

Online educational programs should bring out the best in your child — curiosity, exuberance, uniqueness — while cultivating academic aptitudes, talents, social skills, and self-esteem. 

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Discover Online Education

Over 20+ years, we’ve found the sweet spot in online education. Atop a foundation of technology and expert management, your family experiences layers of rich curriculum, support, and opportunity. 

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Confidently cruise through the curriculum

K12 schools are accredited to meet the highest standards of academic excellence and educational management.

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Structure each day for rewarding wins

A personalized schedule includes independent study, live instruction, and room for electives or breaks.

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Quality teachers

Engage with experienced educators

All K12 teachers are state-certified, experienced, and trained online educators who care deeply about helping your child succeed.

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Family Support

Access resources so every day is your best

We’re all family at K12. School counseling programs and admin staff meet any challenges head-on.

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Discover where curiosity leads

There’s a world beyond the classroom. Enrich your child’s education with national online clubs and local offline events.

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Career Prep

Inspire a future leader

AP courses, internships, career counseling, and our graduation guarantee set high schoolers up for success.

Three Key Ingredients for Student Success 

Your family has as many online school options as there are ice cream flavors. How can you choose the best one? See how we fuel success for every student.

Programs & Curriculum

Achieve Academic Excellence

Opportunity awaits. At K12, you’ll find rewarding and self-paced coursework, highly trained and engaged teachers, and the latest technology designed to meet your child’s specific needs. 

  • Learn from a Cognia-accredited program world-renowned for educational excellence.
  • Soak up personalized and in-depth instruction from state-certified teachers and mentors.
  • Earn advanced credits and diplomas recognized by top colleges and universities.

Career Readiness and Support Programs

Learn Hands-on Career Skills

High school is a transition from childhood to adulthood. At K12-powered schools, students make the most of their high school education by mapping their interests to potential careers, applying for scholarships, and building transferable skills to succeed beyond graduation.

  • Maximize your potential with tutoring, special education, counseling, and support plans.
  • Explore interests and aptitudes through AP and honors courses that earn college credit.
  • Gain career readiness training in high-demand fields like IT, healthcare, and business.

Student and Parent Experience

Indulge in New Interests

A student’s well-being depends on time spent with peers, developing interests and socializing. The K12 experience presents learners with ample opportunities to enjoy a well-rounded education. Likewise, parents find guidance and friendship in the Learning Coach community.

  • Choose from 50+ national online clubs, contests, and social activities. 
  • Attend your local school’s in-person events like science fairs, proms, and sports games.
  • Connect with other Learning Coaches and families who can support your experience.

Did you know?

In 2020, 86% of K12 parents felt their children “learned a lot,”
compared to just 13% of traditional school parents, according to a third-party survey.

Learn more about how K12-powered online schools stack up against traditional public schools.

Why K12 is the leader in online education? 

Beyond immediate enjoyment, you want to know a K12 education leads to long-term fulfillment. The ultimate goal is for your child to graduate with a satisfying selection of college and career options within reach. 

Graduation guarantee

How do we recognize a job well done? Your child’s graduation. We’re so excited for your child to reach this milestone, we guarantee it. We strive to create a tailored graduation plan that works for your family.

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Five-Star reviews 

Independent surveys show K12 graduates are satisfied customers. Our program is rated higher than traditional schools for career prep, job skills training, instilling work ethic, and career optimism. 

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See How K12 Stacks Up

The best online school adapts to your needs, whether that means offering a flexible schedule, a classroom that promotes social skill building, or courses designed to engage all students. 

When you’re choosing the best education for your student, every detail matters. Use this checklist to see how K12 measures up against other popular online learning solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

While K12 provides courses for home-based education, we also offer full-time, teacher-supported tuition-free public schools — which share the same requirements and benefits of traditional public schools. Parents receive structure and support as Learning Coaches, leaning on proven methods of virtual learning and local programs that extend the classroom beyond the home and into the community. 

Our platform caters to every learning style. With a unique blend of textbooks, interactive lessons, multimedia, and teacher engagement, each individual has the opportunity to succeed. Whether your child benefits from extra time to master concepts or wants to go full-speed ahead, K12-powered schools tailor solutions to fit your needs. And if your child needs help getting back on track, we offer online credit recovery courses, summer school programs, and other forms of support.

Students receive college and career counseling to determine their post-graduation needs. Middle and high school students are empowered to start preparing for their careers while completing their education requirements. Students gain exposure to different career options through coaching, coursework, internships, career clubs, and networking opportunities. Should students wish to pursue a higher education degree, they can use their K12 diploma as a stepping stone to the best colleges and universities around the world. 

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How Do I Get Started

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I’m ready to find a school.

Accredited online schools powered by Stride K12 are available in many U.S. states. Select your state for a list of the options in your area.

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I’m ready to enroll.

If you’re ready to enroll, simply create a Parent Portal account or log in to your existing account to begin enrollment.