The Social Side of K12

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See how students make connections, explore interests, and pursue passions online and in person with exciting clubs, events, and activities.

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Building Social Bonds

Socialization is vital to the learning experience. That’s why K12 students have access to a wide range of clubs and social activities, allowing them to make friends, develop social skills, and enjoy experiences that enhance the educational journey. Online and in-person extracurricular activities and programs vary by school, and some may have an associated cost to participants.

Engaging Social Experiences

From art and music to sports and entrepreneurship, K12 students explore their interests while making friends through national or local activities.

Connect With Peers Across the Country

K12 learners can connect, grow, and showcase their diverse skills through exciting activities with other students across the country, including competitions, enrichment programs, and leadership opportunities.


From spelling bees to cook-offs, K12 offers a wide range of competitions that help students develop perseverance, empathy, and teamwork skills in a fun and safe environment.

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School-aged students can participate in competitions regardless of their K12 attendance – allowing K12 learners the chance to meet kids from different schools across the country. 

Leadership Opportunities

The Career Prep Student Advisory Council is a select group of K12 students from all over the country who serve as Career Prep ambassadors and peer advisors.

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Leadership Opportunities

This paid internship opportunity offers students a rewarding opportunity to encourage, empower, and elevate their peers throughout the K12 journey.

Enrichment Opportunities

Students of all ages can connect with and learn from professionals in their dream industry.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Our Career and College Prep programs are designed to help students enhance their resumes, prepare applications for college and scholarships, and build essential real-world skills. We prepare students for success in a variety of industries — from engineering to entrepreneurship, photography to physics, and beyond.

Summer Camps

Designed to broaden students’ horizons, our free summer camps provide unique opportunities to meet industry experts, develop new skills, and explore fascinating topics like entrepreneurship, coding, and gaming.

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Join in and Link Up at School

Along with the ability to join in national activities, students can participate in activities in their K12 school to connect with peers and teachers. 

STEM Clubs

Students can join STEM clubs and activities to dive deeper into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while forging new friendships and exploring fascinating topics. 

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Support Clubs

Inclusive support clubs provide a nurturing environment for K12 students to connect, bond, and build lasting friendships outside of the classroom.

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Support Clubs

These clubs offer a space where students can come together, find support, and enjoy meaningful experiences that foster a sense of belonging and community.

Online Clubs

Whether your child is a creative kindergartner, career-focused high schooler, or anything in between, K12 has many exciting clubs for them to explore.

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Online Clubs

We encourage students to pursue their passions — whether that’s art, theater, business, coding, LEGO® building, or something else.

Milestone Celebrations

Just like their peers at traditional schools, K12 students partake in plenty of memorable education milestones.

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Milestone Celebrations

From prom and graduation ceremonies to special performances and recitals, K12 students celebrate their accomplishments and showcase their success alongside friends and loved ones.

Elective Courses

Alongside required courses, K12 students also get to choose from a wide selection of elective courses such as technology, world languages, and art.


STEM Classes

STEM elective classes help K12 students develop practical skills that will prepare them for fulfilling careers in science, math, engineering, and technology. 

Through hands-on activities, interactive projects, and immersive learning, students explore foundational STEM concepts in a fun and dynamic way.

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How Online Students Stay Connected and Social

Learning with K12 may happen virtually, but that doesn’t mean students miss out on the social aspects of school. Hear how learners stay connected — online and in person.

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