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Explore Careers: Where the Future Begins

What does your teen want to be when they grow up? Whether they have a clear goal in mind or are eager to explore multiple avenues, Career Prep paves the way toward a fulfilling future.

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Middle school

Middle schoolers explore industries, link their interests to potential career paths, and develop essential skills like time management and communication.

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High school

High schoolers dive deeper into career fields they’re passionate about with industry-specific courses that offer hands-on experience in everything from healthcare to IT.

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Full- and part-time programs

Career exploration is accessible to all K12 students. Career Prep is offered in K12-powered schools nationwide and the K12 Private Academy offers supplemental options for part-time students.

Take the K12 career Quiz

Help your child understand their personality type and the career pathway that suits their strengths with our interactive career quiz.

Charting the Path to Success

Online career readiness education makes it easy for your teen to discover their dream job. With the help of a dedicated team, they can explore different industries and uncover their passions.

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Student organizations

With career clubs, community service, interscholastic competitions, and field trips teens learn about different industries and make friends along the way.

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Job shadowing

Industry professionals provide insight into their day-to-day careers through virtual and in-person job shadowing.

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Career counselors and teachers

Counselors and teachers help students pursue promising career paths through strength evaluations, personalized coaching, and more.

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Industry advice

Teachers host guest speakers to give teens a glimpse into different careers. Students can ask questions and get advice from industry professionals to help narrow their path.


The earlier you encourage exploration for your teen, the sooner they’ll discover their dream job. Students in our Career and College Prep program can explore pathways before graduating high school. 

The best way to help your teen find a career they love is through exploration. It’s best to focus on their interests and strengths, so they can dive deep and feel confident in their chosen path. 

Career exploration typically involves learning about a wide variety of jobs, exploring a particular area deeper, and then trying a hand at the job itself. 

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