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Kindergarten marks the beginning of a lifelong learning journey. With K12, you can help your child fall in love with learning from the start — right from the comfort of home.

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How Does Online Kindergarten Work?

It’s always the perfect time to learn with K12’s live classes and interactive lessons. 

If you missed the fall kindergarten cutoff, your child can catch up with comfortable, self-paced pre-K, transitional kindergarten, or developmental kindergarten.

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Language Arts

Young K12 learners develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, and word study. Structured lessons explore handwriting, vocabulary, phonics, and the writing process, with exposure to poetry, literature, and nonfiction.

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Kindergarteners are introduced to numbers through reading, writing, counting, comparing, ordering, adding, and subtracting. 

They also solve problems, study 2D and 3D figures, and learn the basis of place value and measurement.

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Adventurers love science as they learn about the five senses, the human body, and the basic needs of plants and animals. 

Students also explore measurement, matter, the seasons, weather, our earth, motion, and astronomy.

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The past is exciting with world geography basics and American history, plus rights and responsibilities of citizens, laws, U.S. cultures and traditions, and basic economic concepts.

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World Languages

A fun and interactive experience, K12’s world languages course features animated stories that are authentic to each country’s language and culture.

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Creativity rules as students are introduced to lines, shapes, and colors. While exploring paintings, sculpture, and architecture, learners create artworks of their own.

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Kids make their own music  through singing, dancing, real and virtual instruments, listening maps, and authentic sound recordings. 

They learn about musical elements, explore world music, and perform seasonal and celebratory songs.

Kindergarten Prep Curriculum

Looking for a memorable, interactive learning experience that has your child excited for school each day? Our award-winning Embark curriculum engages your child with audio-visuals that enliven core subjects.

A Day in the Life

Every kindergartener learns in their own way — which means the school day looks different for everyone. Get to know Demonty, a kindergartener who loves reading, math, and basketball.

Your Student’s Team

Your child’s success is a community effort.

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The Student

Each young learner explores a developmentally appropriate mix of online and hands-on learning activities.

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The Parent

You or another responsible adult act as your child’s Learning Coach. Learning Coaches spend about 4-6 hours a day working with teachers and providing student guidance.

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The Teacher

Our state-certified teachers build learning plans, monitor progress and attendance, teach live online classes, and hold online help sessions and office hours.

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