Meet Mia

Mia is a bright and ambitious 11th grade student who is passionate about learning and her future career in medical science. K12-powered online high school provides her with opportunities to explore internships and other professional connections.

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Why This Family Chose K12

Mom and Learning Coach Margarita speaks Spanish with her family at home, so it helps that K12 provides an engaged school community with bilingual teachers, other Spanish-speaking families, and resources to support her role and Mia’s learning. Now the whole family can be involved in Mia’s educational journey. 

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Find a supportive and inclusive learning environment

Mia wanted a positive learning environment that rejects bullying and supports the success of all students. Online school offers a welcoming community, bilingual teachers, and the resources she needs to succeed.

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Discover a unique learning experience

Mia’s one-to-one learning experience helps her focus and boosts her confidence. Her grades improve year over year, and she feels like she can truly be herself.

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Thrive with confidence

Mia makes friends through leadership opportunities and internships. Supported by a positive online environment, she thrives academically and personally.

A Day in the Life of Mia


Get Sway Over Your Day

Mia attends live classes with her teachers where she can ask questions, interact with her classmates, and learn from engaging and knowledgeable educators. After each class, Mia completes self-guided offline assignments and submits them through her online learning platform. She can access recorded classes if she needs to review material or cannot attend a live session.

Beyond the Classroom


Live Your Bright Future Today

Outside the classroom, Mia loves cooking Honduran food with her family, playing with her dog, and researching NASA programs she’d like to apply to. She also enjoys leadership opportunities as the president of her school’s SkillsUSA chapter, allowing her to gain new skills and make new friends, too.

A Day in the Life of Margarita

As a Learning Coach, Mia’s mother, Margarita, has to balance her own responsibilities with the role of supporting her daughter’s education, but the flexibility of the online school schedule allows her to effectively manage her time and still be available for Mia when needed. Additionally, K12 has several tools available with Spanish translation, which helps Margarita be involved in her daughter’s education.


Support Your Student’s Success

Since high school students like Mia works independently most of the day, Learning Coaches are involved anywhere from one to three hours a day. Tools and resources empower Margarita to support her daughter’s success. She’s able to track Mia’s progress, communicate with teachers and counselors, and participate in parent-teacher conferences — all online.


Gain Confidence to Do School at Home With a Strong Network

From the dedicated staff to the online community of families and students, Margarita is connected and supported in her role as Learning Coach. She collaborates with Mia’s teachers and counselors to establish goals and identify strategies to help Mia succeed academically and socially. The school also offers regular webinars and workshops for Learning Coaches to help them develop their skills and ability to support their online learners.


Master Lessons With Flexibility

Mia’s schedule is flexible and allows her to balance her schoolwork with other activities. She has the freedom to work on her assignments at a time that suits her best, and she can adjust her schedule as needed.


Master Lessons With Flexibility

Mia’s schedule is flexible and allows her to balance her schoolwork with other activities. She has the freedom to work on her assignments at a time that suits her best, and she can adjust her schedule as needed.


Engage With Interactive Lessons

Mia’s online school offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to be interactive and engaging, with multimedia resources such as videos, animations, and virtual labs. Mia enjoys the flexibility of being able to work at her own pace and having access to a variety of resources to support her learning.


Explore Career Interests

In addition to her regular curriculum, Mia takes healthcare-specific courses and earns industry certifications. Mia got interested in healthcare after her mom developed a neurological disease, and K12 helps to give her clear and detailed insight into how the medical field works. Currently, Mia wants to become a flight surgeon — in space!

Family Q&A

K12-powered schools are a great option for students who are looking for a personalized, supportive education that prepares them for a bright future with college and career prep. Plus, they offer resources for Spanish-speaking families.

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Why did you switch to online school?

I switched to online school to seek more support educationally. I was also looking to get away from some of the toxicity I experienced in my traditional school. I struggled a lot with focus issues, not getting good grades, and a few students who were bothering me.

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Why do you like online school?

I can really be myself and have more control over my education. My grades bumped up my first year, and so did my confidence. I had one-to-one learning with my teachers, which helped me a lot. I finally learned that I was smart and could do many things. Plus, the bullying wasn’t an issue anymore.

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How was the transition to online school?

The teachers, specifically my healthcare teacher, made the transition easy. She was a great teacher and communicator, and she spent time forming bonds with her students.

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How do teachers support you?

My teachers have been great. My healthcare teacher is my favorite. She taught me healthcare explorations, health sciences, and anatomy and physiology. I’m also very fond of my school counselor, who’s guided me through online school since my freshman year. She’s more like a friend now.

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How does your family support you?

At home, we only speak Spanish, so having bilingual teachers and counselors has helped my mom be even more involved in my education. She can ask more questions about things like scholarships and speak more freely with the team at my online school.

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How do you keep up with your friends doing online school?

I think I’ve gained more friends in online school than before, thanks to leadership experiences and job opportunities I’ve participated in.

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Are there resources available to help Spanish speakers?

K12 has several tools that are available with Spanish translation. Interested and enrolled families can access the information on, the Parent Portal, the K12 App, and customer support in Spanish to help them navigate those sites and find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Are the educational materials for classes provided?

One of the benefits of K12-powered school is that the engaging curriculum is hands-on and includes materials for offline activities — all as part of the tuition-free education experience.

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Do you have any advice for students who might be considering online school?

I would say go for it. It’s such a great opportunity, and you can express yourself without being judged. You get a lot of support at online school, like an entourage of support. If, for example, they’re worried about discrimination, I can say that wasn’t an issue for me at my online school.

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Learning With K12

From kindergarten to high school, K12 provides tuition-free online education that empowers students to learn in ways that work for them. Browse options in your state to find the perfect fit for your family.

These are the stories of real students attending K12-powered schools and their families. Content is a combination of direct quotes and summaries from interviews. Their stories each reflect their experiences at their respective schools. Actual experiences can vary by student and school. These pages are designed to reflect a typical day in the life of a student attending an online K12-powered school. Individual class schedules and requirements will vary by state, school, and the individual needs of each student.