Tuition-Free Online Public Middle School

Every child deserves a safe and supportive school environment. With K12, students log onto their computer and learn from the comfort of home — enjoying a personalized, flexible curriculum built just for them.

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Success Starts Here

Middle schoolers thrive when engaging material meets an encouraging and safe space. Every day is an enriching adventure with K12’s award-winning curriculum, state-certified teachers, and easy-to-use online platform.

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Innovative Classrooms

Middle schoolers leap into learning with live, virtual classes that offer a mix of self-guided assignments, hands-on activities, and group work with peers.

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Certified Teachers

Inspired teachers inspire students. Our state-certified educators empower children through personalized instruction that illustrates the joy of learning.

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Engaging Curriculum

K12 middle school courses promote curiosity and critical thinking skills. Teachers encourage students to explore topics at their own pace, ask tough questions.

Why attend Middle School with K12?

Middle school is time to explore and grow. At K12-powered schools, supportive teachers, engaging learning materials, and prizewinning curriculum help students embrace their strengths and reach new academic milestones.

Self-Paced Learning to Inspire Confidence

Students of all different learning styles and backgrounds blossom in K12-powered schools, where they can take interactive and self-paced courses in STEM, humanities, and the arts while exploring personal interests through exciting extracurriculars.

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Dedicated Teachers Who Make a Difference

Teachers can elevate a child’s education and spark their passion for learning. Trained in personalization techniques that prioritize student needs, teachers at K-12-powered schools invest in every child’s success, connecting with families along the way.

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Backed by Science, Built for Success

Our award-winning curriculum provides an exceptional education rooted in the science of how students learn — delivering concepts in an approachable way, sparking curiosity, and showing how academics apply to real-world situations.

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Forging Friendships Online and Off

School with a screen doesn’t mean solo learning: students interact with peers through in-class discussions and small-group activities, socialize during extracurriculars and offline events, and form meaningful friendships that extend beyond the classroom.

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Meet Your All-Star Learning Team

As a parent, you play an active role in helping your child take charge of their learning. Meanwhile, K12 provides resources and guidance through a supportive online community.

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The Learning Coach’s Role

Learning Coaches — usually parents or trusted relatives — help keep students on track, spending about 1–3 hours per day with middle schoolers. With support from teachers, other coaches, and online resources, Learning Coaches help students succeed. 

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The Teacher’s Role

Students learn from state-certified educators who provide individual learning plans, conduct live virtual classes, and hold office hours for additional assistance. Ongoing professional development ensures teachers use the newest, research-backed technology.

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The Student’s Role

Middle school students attend live online classes, work independently and in groups, and participate in extracurriculars and offline activities for an engaging educational experience.

A Day in the Life of an Online Middle School Student

Every day is a chance for students to discover something new about the world and themselves. K12’s commitment to personalized instruction encourages curiosity and excitement, motivating middle schoolers to invest in lifelong learning. 

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9th Grade


Connor learns best when he can take breaks, move around, and use his fidgets to focus while finishing assignments at his own pace. 


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7th Grade


Lily works ahead on her schoolwork and spends her free time on fun science experiments and animal club activities.

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8th Grade


Josh’s advanced school schedule makes time for live history and science classes, science experiments, and basketball.

Course Variety Encouraging Exploration

Plant seeds for success early by encouraging your child to explore new interests. Choose from a variety of courses and electives — including languages, computer science, art, music, Advanced Learner Programs (ALPs), and career and college prep offerings.

Recommended Resources

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Find the Right Online Learning Option

Every child has a unique set of needs. Online school allows for greater support and customization. Discover the right fit for your family.

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Start Online Learning Strong

Online success starts on day one. Get tips on how to start online learning strong.

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Set a Game Plan for Success

As a Learning Coach, you’ll play an active role in your child’s education. Know what to expect, how to structure your days, and where to gain support when you need it.

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How Do I Get Started?

Discover how K12 can help your child learn and succeed.