Meet Mari

The search for a safe, flexible learning environment led Mari and her military family to K12-powered school. Now she can focus on her coursework and hands-on learning activities.

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Why This Family Chose K12

Mari belongs to a military family. With frequent moves and medical appointments, she and her parents value having a flexible schooling option that meets her unique needs and helps her reach her full potential.

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Gain stability during relocation

Mari needs stability and learning continuity during her family’s frequent moves.

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Balance school with doctor’s visits

Mari wants to stay on track in class even though she has medical appointments throughout the school week.

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Thrive without distractions

Mari needs a safe, quiet environment where she can work at her own pace.

A Day in the Life of Mari

Mari’s day starts with teacher-led online art and English classes, followed by independent math and history assignments.


Learn at Your Own Pace—and on Your Own Time

Mari’s schoolwork combines scheduled, online classes and self-guided assignments and activities. Her schedule gives her plenty of flexibility: she completes assignments at her own pace and can watch class recordings if she has a doctor’s appointment. 


Interact With Exciting Guest Speakers, like Meteorologists

Eighth-grade students like Mari typically take five to six subjects each semester. These are completed through scheduled, live classes or self-guided assignments and skills labs in the K12 interactive online learning system. Classes can include career exploration electives, group work, or guest speakers — like the meteorologist Mari watched on a recorded science session.

Fun Outside the Classroom

Piano lessons with dad, video games with friends, and hands-on science experiments are a few ways Mari spends time offline.


Make Art and Catch Up With Friends

Mari loves seeing friends at the military learning co-op. They make art together, exercise at the gym, and catch up on weekly schoolwork. Through online clubs and in-person activities on the military base, Mari has many opportunities to connect with peers.

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Explore Science Through Hands-on Activities

Mari enjoys learning about all things science — including health, outer space, and most of all, weather. Students like Mari benefit from K12-powered schools’ interactive lessons and activities. Mari’s school even provides fun supplies for at-home experiments — including a microscope!

A Day in the Life of Hope

As Mari’s mom and Learning Coach, Hope makes sure Mari completes all her work and stays on track. She enjoys following along on Mari’s learning journey and the flexibility K12-powered school offers her as a military spouse. 


Keep Track of Your Child’s Academic Growth

Hope spends one to three hours supporting Mari every day — the typical time commitment for a seventh grade Learning Coach. With K12, Hope knows exactly what Mari is learning and finds it easier to help her as a result.


Watch Your Child Soar With Certified Teachers

Hope isn’t alone: she receives ongoing support from Mari’s accessible, state-certified teachers. When Mari needs help outside of live class time, her teachers are available to answer questions by email and during weekly office hours.


Develop a Sense of Independence

Mari has become more independent through K12-powered online school. She checks her schedule, manages her workload, and ensures all assignments get done on time. Her mom, Hope, and teachers are also available to help. 


Develop a Sense of Independence

Mari has become more independent through K12-powered online school. She checks her schedule, manages her workload, and ensures all assignments get done on time. Her mom, Hope, and teachers are also available to help. 

Family Q&A

Mari is a hands-on learner who enjoys science, math, and playing piano. Online school gives her the balance she needs to attend somewhat frequent doctor’s appointments while keeping pace with her school work.

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Why did you switch to online school? 

I often have doctor’s appointments during the day. That made it hard to keep up with assignments in my old school. I’d get behind pretty easily, and the other students would pick on me. In online school, though, it’s more flexible. I can watch any classes I missed later in the day, and still do my assignment…

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Why do you like online school?

I like that it’s so hands-on. There are a lot of visuals, which helps me picture how things work. Plus, there aren’t as many distractions, so I can really focus. If I have questions, I can ask my teacher or my mom. My mom also likes online school, especially how easy they made the switch for us.

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How do you keep up with your friends doing online school?

Some of my closest friends are other military kids from the learning co-op. We paint together and play video games. I get to see them once or twice a week, and my mom likes co-op too because she gets a break. I’ve made a few friends in my Class Connect sessions, too.

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How does your family support you with school? 

My mom is my Learning Coach which means she’s there to help me throughout the day. Mom says she likes understanding what and how I’m learning so she can help me grow even more. My dad wants to hear all about what I’m learning at school, and I save all my artwork to show him when he gets home from being away.

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Learning With K12

From kindergarten to high school, K12 provides tuition-free online education that empowers students to learn in ways that work for them. Browse options in your state to find the perfect fit for your family.

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