A Day in the Life: High School

Structured for success, built for safety. See how K12 supports high schoolers with personalized learning and flexible scheduling.

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Student and Family Stories

Explore a day in the life of real K12 high school students and discover what sets K12 apart.

High School with K12

Ready to unlock the power of personalized education? With K12, every high school student has the opportunity to learn their own way. Teens pursue their passions, discover potential career paths, and make lasting connections through extracurricular activities, clubs, and events.

Embrace the Future

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9th Grade


Arianna’s school schedule lets her work at her own pace while taking entrepreneurship courses to help run her bakery business.


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11th Grade


Jordin’s school schedule includes AP English, honors history, a dentistry internship, and summer courses at the local college.


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11th Grade


Gabriela explores career prep options and takes project-based learning courses that will help her run her own business someday.


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11th Grade


Mia wants to be a surgeon, and she’s  preparing for a healthcare career with support from inspiring and relatable teachers.


A Safe and Flexible Learning Environment

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9th Grade


John enjoys a more focused environment with fewer distractions where he can take business courses to learn how to run an auto shop. 


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10th Grade


Stephen’s flexible private school schedule allows room for competitive swimming while rigorous courses prepare him for college.  


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11th Grade


Tre can minimize disruption from military family moves and confidently prepare for college and career from anywhere.


A World of Possibilities

We believe every student deserves a fun, fulfilling educational experience tailored to their unique learning style. Explore inspiring student stories and discover the K12 difference.

A Day in the Life

Elementary School

School should be fun! At K12, children discover a genuine love of learning through an environment that encourages exciting hands-on exploration. Every activity, subject, and class is designed to spark curiosity and independent growth by combining interactive lessons, stimulating activities, and personalized instruction.

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A Day in the Life

Middle School

Middle schoolers study math, science, history, and language arts as self-motivation takes wing. With a wide variety of electives, clubs, sports, and activities, students enjoy rich social lives and explore budding interests.

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Go Far with K12

From kindergarten to high school, K12 provides tuition-free, online education that empowers students to learn in a way that works for them. Browse our schools and programs to find the perfect fit for your family.