How much does K12-powered private online education cost?

Give your child the education of a lifetime—at an affordable price.

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What are my options?

Online education prices vary by school, but each K12-powered private school provides affordable options for every learner and, in general, tuition fees tend to be less than traditional private school.

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Tuition-Free Online Public School

If private school isn’t right for your family, K12 also powers public schools that operate similarly to traditional public schools and are tuition-free. Students learn at their own pace, in their own placethrough a combination of live online lessons and engaging extracurriculars.

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Tuition-Based Online Private School

Students receive an excellent private school education from the comfort of home. Families get what matters most to them—whether that’s extra flexibility, a faith-based curriculum, or advanced courses and opportunities to prepare for life after high school.

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Fee-Based Online Courses

Families can elect to purchase individual online courses to help students strengthen their skills, expand personal interests, or get ahead. This is a popular choice among homeschool families to add to their existing learning plans.


Tuition-Based Online Private Schools

Looking for something specific? Explore K12-powered private schools to see what best suits your family. There are options available to students from all states—and even globally. Visit each school site for tuition information and other details.


K12 Private Academy

Enrollment is open year-round at K12 Private Academy, where students across the world benefit from:

• Lower student-teacher ratios
• Personalized, one-to-one instruction
• Direct intervention at the first sign of learning gaps

Grades 8–12

The George Washington University Online High School

Highly motivated students will find an extraordinary college prep experience at this school, which offers:

• Small classes and personalized attention
• Advanced K12 curriculum, capstone projects, and AP® courses
• Individualized guidance from advisors and learning opportunities beyond the classroom

Grades K–11

Grand Canyon Private Academy

Students across the U.S. and the globe benefit from K12’s engaging curriculum and personalized learning that includes:

• Career exploration courses and a dual enrollment program
• Community service and engagement opportunities
• An Early World Language Program that gives students the chance to become trilingual

Grades K–12

The Keystone School

Learners around the world choose The Keystone School for its high-quality, well-rounded education, which features:

• An interactive K12 curriculum
• A robust support team of teachers, academic coaches, counselors, and advisors
• Courses for learners with different needs, including credit recovery and Advanced Placement (AP®)

Grades 6–9

Marian University Preparatory School

This hybrid learning environment blends a faith-focused education with K12’s mastery-based curriculum, offering:

• Relevant academics delivered through innovative technology 
• Comprehensive social and emotional learning programs
• Project- and work-based learning opportunities

Grades K–12

GEO Focus Academy of Indiana

At GEO Focus Academy, Indiana residents experience K12’s dynamic curriculum and can access special college prep like:

• Early College Unlimited Program with dual enrollment
• College courses on college campuses and the opportunity to earn college credits
• Honors and AP® courses

Grades K–11

Coast to Mountains Preparatory Academy

North Carolina students benefit from a flexible online education with a personalized approach that offers:

• An interactive, engaging K12 curriculum
• Small group instruction and one-to-one support from certified teachers
• Field trips, social events, and clubs, as well as optional in-person activities in Holly Springs, NC


Fee-Based Online Courses

Buy individual courses to help your child catch up, get ahead, or explore their interests. Web design, music, world history—there’s something for every student!

A+ Online Tutoring

If your learner needs additional support in a particular subject, don’t settle for just anyone to help. With K12-powered tutoring, you’ll get:

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Expert Guidance

We only hire tutors who are certified teachers with a standout passion for their subject area.

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Personalized Learning

We only hire tutors who are certified teachers with a standout passion for their subject area.

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User-Friendly Technology

Our intuitive online platform makes it easy to choose the right tutor, schedule a session, and stay connected.

How do I get started?

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K12-powered online schools are available all over the U.S. Select your state for a list of private education options in your area.

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*Course materials vary by course and school. Please check with your school about offline course materials.