Elementary School Offerings

For virtual learning with virtually endless possibilities, explore all that K12’s elementary curriculum has to offer.

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Tap into Wonder

If you’re looking for a curriculum that’s equal parts rigorous and rewarding, you’ve come to the right place. By mixing enriching multimedia content, state-certified instruction, self-paced study, and electives, K12 courses concoct the perfect recipe for success.

Make the Grade with a Robust Curriculum

Elementary school students build their knowledge and skills based on K12’s strong core curriculum, which makes learning a breeze.

A curriculum that captivates

Kids learn best through a variety of methods. Play can be a powerful teacher — which is why lessons include interactive games, videos, and projects that engage all the senses.

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Courses that challenge

Individual courses can fill in gaps and enrich your child’s academic experience. From guided fitness classes to English as a Second Language lessons and beyond.

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Extra Time for Extracurriculars

Wondering how online learners socialize and make friends? With more flexible days, your child can explore extracurricular clubs, sports, and activities that align with their interests. Every day is more enjoyable when there’s time for basketball practice, field trips, and science fairs!

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Individualized Courses: A better way to learn

Learning is an exciting adventure for young trailblazers. Some kids sprint ahead to get around the bend, while others like to stop and see what’s beneath every rock. The K12 curriculum creates opportunities for both types of explorers to get the education they need.

STEM skills for aspiring scientists

Independence. Teamwork. Problem-solving. These are all skills we hope our children will develop during their elementary school years. STEM courses drive home these valuable life skills while encouraging students to stay curious, experiment, and adapt.

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Advanced learner program

Does your child ask a lot of questions? Volunteer to help around the house? Finish lessons before you’ve finished your coffee? K12 has courses that push the brightest and busiest learners to reach their full potential.

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VIP services & therapies

Does your child have a distinct learning style or different abilities? Find yourself Googling hacks to make your child’s day smoother? K12’s special education services deliver best practices for children with special needs.

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Boost engagement with additional offerings

Learning doesn’t have to stop during summer break. Some students may want to dive into new and exciting subjects all summer long. Others may need an experienced tutor to guide them over the finish line. Either way, we’re here to help.

One-on-One Tutoring

As a Learning Coach, your empathy and encouragement go a long way — but sometimes you need extra support. One-to-one tutors are available for every child in every subject, so you can rest easy.

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A summer of fun

Between swims and sundaes, students learn through interactive games and media-rich lessons. Summer school helps kids pick up momentum — and stay motivated.

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A Day in the Life of Elementary School Students

Every child deserves an education experience built to their needs. See how families set personalized schedules packed with core subjects, fun electives, support services, and more together time.

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Demonty stays on track academically with a personalized approach to learning and ample one-on-one attention. His flexible schedule leaves plenty of time for basketball and baseball.


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1st Grade


Micah’s day involves nature hikes, trips to the trampoline park, basketball games, and breaks. With flexibility and family support, it’s easier to focus on live classes and independent studies.

2 Online Students in the Family

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2nd Grade


Bright and fun-loving Peter advances beyond grade level with attention from devoted certified teachers and a motivating curriculum. Field trips and club activities enrich his experience.


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