Middle School Homeschool Curriculum

Give your child an exciting homeschool experience with independent and teacher-led online courses from K12.

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Enhance Your Homeschool Curriculum

Nurture your child’s love for learning from home. Whether you’re looking for a specific course or a full middle school curriculum, K12 has flexible, remote options that keep students engaged.

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Purchase a single supplementary course

Add variety to your existing homeschool curriculum and browse a wide selection of award-winning courses across subjects and grade levels.

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Build a new homeschool curriculum

Want the freedom of homeschool without the hassle of lesson planning? Create a custom curriculum for your child that combines core subjects, world languages, music, arts, and more. 

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Choose a homeschool alternative

Enjoy the structure of traditional school from the comfort of home. State-certified teachers lead online classes while you offer support as your child’s Learning Coach. 


Quality Courses, Carefully Crafted

As a Cognia-accredited corporation, K12 meets the highest standards of educational management. All courses align with state and national standards, so your student keeps pace with their grade level. 


Bring Learning to Life

From microscopes to art supplies, K12 provides a wealth of hands-on materials to create engaging online lessons. Enrich your child’s education with textbooks, storybooks, CDs, rock and mineral kits. 

Middle School Curriculum

Combine homeschool’s flexibility with expertly designed online lessons to help your child grasp even the most advanced concepts. With K12, students can:

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Enjoy 250+ online course options

From pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, K12 has homeschooling courses for every student. Introduce new challenges, add variety to your lessons, or encourage your child to explore an emerging interest. 

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Master middle school essentials

Whether your child is diving into algebraic expressions or American history, K12’s core courses provide the foundation they need for high school and beyond. 

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Explore the world from home 

World language class transports students to new lands and immerses them in rich cultures. Select from a variety of language courses, including Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Chinese. 


Affordable Learning at Home

Our pricing plans give you the option to pay for independent homeschool courses upfront for the year, on a monthly basis, or through a subscription. Save when you bundle or enroll several students at once. 

The Online Homeschool Alternative

K12-powered middle school brings the structure of traditional school into your home. Your student interacts with peers and teachers online while you offer support as their Learning Coach.

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Online lessons and activities

Students attend teacher-led virtual classes and complete assignments at their own pace. An interactive learning journey, complete with hands-on tasks, keeps them excited and engaged. 

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Clubs and extracurriculars

Empower your child to pursue their interests and connect with peers through K12’s online clubs, competitions, and extracurriculars.  

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Dedicated teachers and staff 

State-certified teachers and Career and College Prep Coaches, specifically trained in online education, provide ongoing support and guide your child through difficult concepts and challenges.

Why K12-Powered Middle School?

Set your student up for success with greater flexibility and personalized learning designed to meet their unique needs. 

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Watch your student grasp topics like percentages, geometry, statistical analysis, and data distribution. They’ll also deepen their understanding of basic math concepts and apply them to complex algebraic equations. 

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Students build on their elementary school knowledge, exploring everything from atomic structure to outer space. They can also take health and fitness courses and electives. 

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From ancient civilizations to the post-Civil War era, middle school history courses lay the foundation for more advanced classes later on. 

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World languages

Students deepen their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills while developing a better understanding of global cultures. 


How Does K12-Powered Learning Work?

K12 offers live online classes and assignments your child can complete at their own pace, on their own schedule, and in an environment that works for your family. 

Find the Right Homeschool Option

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I’m ready to purchase a course

Buy individual courses to supplement your child’s education or build a complete homeschool curriculum.

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I’m Ready to Find a School

Accredited K12-powered schools are available all over the U.S. Select your state for a list of local options.