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An immersive content solutions company combining the latest in talent and technology to push the boundaries of creative storytelling.


Creating unforgettable immersive events and combining story with world class human centered design solutions. VRTUL invests in the people, technology, R&D, and industry relationships to bring ideas to life. We produce and collaborate with the best and brightest minds which each project requires.



VRTUL has one of the most experienced underwater, live-action VR production teams in the world. We have developed the only underwater 360 3D camera solution for live-action commercial shooting and live-streaming.

The VRTUL 1 underwater stereoscopic camera system was designed from the ground up to fill the needs of demanding live-action VR capture and broadcast professionals. The VRTUL 1 brings an unprecedented level of control, monitoring, and quality to underwater live-action VR.

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VRTUL is a VR production studio based in Southern California with an emphasis on live-action immersive storytelling and brand strategy.



The best VR experiences aren’t developed by individuals; they happen through deeply invested working relationships across a range of technologies and industries.

24: Legacy | VR Trailer

During this year’s Super Bowl, VRTUL worked with Here Be Dragons on the breakthrough 24:Legacy VR Trailer. Here is a breakdown of one of the scenes which VRTUL handled:

  • Shoot Desert Location 360 HDR Stereo
  • VR Stitch Live Action Plate
  • CG Model, Rig, and Animate Helicopter
  • Add Atmosphere, Dust, Particles
  • Stereo Convert 2D Elements and Final Composite

SeaWorld | VR Park Activation

Since January 2016, VRTUL has been a strategic advisor to SeaWorld’s Executive Team, consulting on VR brand strategy, collaborating on experimental films, and producing live-action VR content. VRTUL has been intimately involved from story and content production through managing a permanent activation.

New York Times | Sculptures

This 360 underwater experience explores Doug Aitken sculptures in a dive park off Avalon, California. One of the most watched 360 videos for NYT in 2016.

Stanford | Neuroscience Institute

“Studies of the brain mechanisms for fear and anxiety and how to overcome them.” – Stanford Medicine

Nekton | Google Expeditions

VRTUL teamed up with Google and the Nekton Mission to produce ultra high resolution stereoscopic 360 imagery and video for the Google Expeditions platform. This expedition highlights the various jobs and tasks that scientists and technicians perform on a deep sea research expedition.

Soma Fashion Network | Mermaids

Managed on set capture and post production for this fashion fantasy dive into an ethereal underwater world where magical mermaids, sensual dancers and exquisite models glide through mystical waters, showcasing the latest in swimwear. Sponsored by HTC.


VRTUL was founded in September 2015 with the purpose of creating memorable experiential events utilizing emerging technologies. Our in-depth stereoscopic conversion and visual effects background gives us the benefit of combining story with integrated CG, motion graphics, and stitching for 2D and 3D formats across all existing platforms. We are based in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, operating on concurrent projects worldwide.

Casey Sapp

Founder, Executive Producer

Casey has contributed to numerous globally recognized VR projects. He is co-creator of the first 360 stereoscopic underwater camera and brings vision, integrity, analytical skills, and focus to our client’s projects. He is a published author, speaker and fluent in Mandarin.

Matt DeJohn

Head of Production

Matt has over 13 years of experience as a VFX Supervisor and Producer in the feature film and post-production industry, focusing on stereoscopic 3D and VR. He has supervised the 3D production on tent-pole feature films, commercials, and VR experiences such as Insurgent, Poltergeist, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and Transformers. He specializes in pipeline development and creative, technical, and production supervision.

Tom Sinnott

Executive Producer

An industry veteran, Tom ran his own commercial production company in Chicago for 15 years before moving on to Technicolor to head up VFX in Canada; then to LA as VP/GM of West Coast Digital Intermediates. He joined Legend 3D and as COO, managed it's explosive growth to over 400 staff. He's a member of the Directors Guild of America.


We are building a team in the real world to take us to a virtual one. Join us. Please send  your resume with a cover letter.

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Our team comes from a diverse production and post background and are passionate about VR.